15 February 2017


That's me today — les mains vides. I have nothing to blog about. You might tell me that's true most days, but never mind. Maybe tomorrow I'll take some photos, but then I think it's supposed to rain nearly all day. Today, par contre, was gorgeous. We sat outdoors for an hour or two, chatting and enjoying warm sunshine. That's the Carolina coast in February... or at least in some Februaries.

Here's a gratuitous photo of the Ibis hotel where I stayed at CDG airport outside Paris Sunday night. It looks like a big renovation project is under way there. The first time I ever stayed in a room in this hotel was in 1997. So 20 years ago now.


  1. It's nice to hear that it's sit-outside weather down in NC :)
    Thanks for this shot of the CDG Ibis!

  2. Me too with Frank, either in 2002 or 2004. It was very nice, and convenient when you have an early flight and there is no way you'd make it in time otherwise.

  3. Yesterday was cold in DC. Lewis and I visited the house and senate since our hotel was close to the Capitol. Cruz was giving a speech to no one about guns I think. Pence was there shuffling papers- not my idea of government going on now. The house was the same- empty room with one or two guys in line to give a speech to an empty room. Much ado about nothing.
    We are home now and weary. Hi to MA. Enjoy your time in NC and eat some good seafood.
    That Ibis looks so nice. We've stayed at the Sheraton on points before, but this Ibis will be our future choice.

  4. I stayed at the CDG Marriott last month, on points. Hadn't been there before, didn't realize how all the hotels are clumped together in a little village, quite a sensible arrangement I thought.

  5. I have fond memories of the NC coast. Today is a lovely sit outside day on the gulf coast of Florida too. Please give best regards to MA from BA. :)

  6. It is cool grey and dreary in Florida ... there is something so not right about that ! :)

  7. Ken, it was sit out weather here, today, too.... totally non-Fev... 27.3Centipedes in full sun...
    in fact, so warm, we let the house have a well deserved blow-through!
    There were butterflies and bees around, too... absolutely geee...orgeous!!
    I hope Walt enjoyed it up at yours!
    And enjoy your trip...

  8. I'm having nothing but trouble with the internet connection here in N.C. and I can't get my posts to upload or appear on the blog. I don't know what is going on even after calling technical support and the repair service for the telephone line. I'm doing fine otherwise.


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