20 November 2016

Now you see 'em...

...and now you don't. All the maple leaves had fallen to the ground. It was time to get them off the driveway.

So we did the job yesterday morning — even though the leaves were still dripping wet from all our recent rain.

The driveway is certainly not as pretty now as it had been for the last month or so. Raking and picking up the leaves is a dirty job, especially when they're so soggy, but it has to be done.

We hauled all the leaves out to the vegetable garden and dumped them on the ground. They'll keep weeds from taking over the garden plot. And next spring, I'll till them into the soil as compost.


  1. I dumped the first lot off our lime into the chicken run....after their initial surprise.....
    and a long "conversation" in their coop.....the decided to try their 'new' floor out.
    They were kicking them around like kid all yesterday.....
    This wind I hope, will have removed the last....
    and I'll do what you've done and get rid of the rest.

    1. We still have to rake or sweep up a lot of leaves -- linden, cherry, birch, etc. But those can wait a little longer. Maybe we'll have some dry days soon.

    2. Well, it won't be today by the looks of it.....just looked at the satellite and there is another great sweep of rain coming in from the Bay of Biscay!!

  2. Excellent job - how is your Citroen C4 going? I see the little 207 there.

    1. The C4 is doing fine. It's in the garage. The 206 "sleeps" under the carport. I like both cars a lot, even though the 206 is 16 years old now. We drive the Citroën when we go "far" as on our quick trip to Blois a few days ago.

  3. Wow, that's a big job! Your garden plot will be happy to have those leaves, I'll bet :)

  4. awww... I miss them ! :)
    It does look nice and neat and all, but the glory of a pile of colorful fall leaves enchants me.
    Now I am living in the Southern US ... I have nothing but pine trees around me. Booorrring :)


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