16 November 2016


Yesterday we finally received the tile for our bathroom improvement project. Or we finally became convinced that it was the right tile and the right color for our shower. It's a long story, and one day either Walt or I will tell the whole thing. Not today.

The tile contractor will be here this morning to start the job. We have jerked him around a little, but we didn't mean to. I'm sure he'll be glad to get the job started, and even happier when it is finished. So will we. Meanwhile, above is the view looking north off our front terrace this week.

It's all about color. And our colorful autumn leaves are really holding on this year around Saint-Aignan. The maples off our front porch are still in full display mode. Walt said he looked back into his blog and saw that by Nov. 11 last year all the leaves were on the ground and the branches were bare.

Yesterday we drove up to Blois, and along the way we passed through sections of road that are lined with trees that formed a golden canopy over our heads. I couldn't take photos because I was driving and, besides, it was raining. It was very atmospheric.


  1. I love your colourful Leaves

  2. It's so pretty now. The vineyards are especially bursting with colors.

  3. Oh, I just love these colorful autumn scenes. Thanks :)

  4. Maple leaves are my favorite. The fall in Anchorage KY, where I grew up is as good as it gets- canopies of maple trees partout-

  5. "Les feuilles mortes se ramassent à la pelle" :-)
    I have noticed the same phenomenon here: The trees are taking there sweet time to shed all their leaves. Hopefully by this sunday the last ones will be on the ground so that we can add them to the composting bin and bags that the city picks up on Mondays.

  6. Gorgeous. You are filling the need that I have since moving South where everything is very green. :)


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