18 January 2014

Le soleil !

Yesterday turned out to be what would pass for a beautiful day in late March or early April. We had sunshine all day, and mild weather. I didn't even need my heavy coat or my raincoat, just a fleece jacket, to go out walking with Callie late in the afternoon.

Le soleil change tout. The colors pop out at you. The gray is gone. When there's no overcast, you realize how much longer the hours of daylight are getting.

Even Callie seems to be in a better mood. She seeks out and finds the type of grass that she likes to nibble on. I ran into a neighbor out walking with his dog, and we both went on and on about how it really felt like springtime — especially since we had had a cold, soaking rain the day before.

I know Walt posted a photo of this dried up artichoke a few days ago. I caught it yesterday when the rays of the sun were lighting it up. With all the rain we've had, the grass out back is emerald green.


  1. "the grass out back is emerald green"...
    and still growing, dammit!!
    But yesterday was great for gardening, too!

  2. The sun is coming out earlier in the morning also. The more sunshine I have, the happier I am.

  3. Ahhh.... sunshine. I can't believe how green that lawn is!

  4. wow! that last snap is incredible. cant wait for spring. current windchill is 6*F. stupid winter.

  5. Lucky you! I'm still fogged in...

    Mary in Oregon


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