21 January 2014

Le Petit Déjeuner du chat

What does your cat eat for breakfast? Do you just call it cat food? We call it that, but the company that packages and sells it here in France has more specific ideas. And isn't it nice of them to put a picture of Bertie the Black Cat right on the package?

This morning, for example, Berti enjoyed lapin — that's rabbit — for breakfast. He obviously really likes it. Whenever the package of rabbit comes out of the box of 24 packets, I remember our neighbor telling us about how he saw Bert prancing across his yard one day with a little rabbit in his jaws. He'd been hunting. Bert opened his mouth to meow bonjour at the neighbor and the rabbit got away.

Another flavor of cat food that Bert gobbles down on a regular basis is poulet haricots. That's chicken with green beans. There are actually recognizable little bits of green bean mixed in with the reconstituted chicken, all in an appetizing sauce. Other flavors are volaille carottes — turkey (or fowl, anyway) with bits of carrot — or truite saumon — trout and salmon. Such is the diet of a domesticated and pampered French cat.


  1. Chez nous, RonRon [Her Majesty] is the fussiest...
    only Felix satisfies the inner chatte...
    unless it is real fish...
    45 centimes a tin of sardine or tuna from LeClerc...
    does six meals!
    But I hope she doesn't read this...
    to her that's far too cheap!

    Baron [the Berti-clone] is far less fussy...
    but I think he would far prefer there to be packets of...
    VOLE flavour.

    Jerry, the "feral" cat will eat almost everything...
    including the "green wibbly bits" that Baron leaves after devouring a vole.
    He is a feline hoover...
    it does allow us to try out different foods on "Her Majesty" without having to throw a tin away!!

  2. Ha! These are great photos for me to show my classes :) They're sure to say, "Rabbit!?!???"

    heh heh

  3. here in Amerique Profonde (stole that from a comment yesterday on fb, couldnt resist) 2 male kitties have to eat special pricey bladder health food so sadly its the same every day....comes in wet & dry at least...I'm sure the kitty food en France is better than ours, just like most of the people food

  4. Our Bella is jealous! She does get little packets like Berties' but they don't offer rabbit although she's tasted it a time or two when she's had a good hunt.
    Yesterday she got a mole, yeah- moles destroyed my pitiful garden last summer.

  5. one of my old lady cats - who lived to be 20 years, six months, and one day - developed an allergy to "regular" catfood. so i had to try alternative proteins. the most amazing one was some kind of squirrel creature from australia. opening that first can required a leap of faith. but it just looked like regular cat food. interesting tho, when we moved from the city she lost all her allergies and loved being a country cat. (altho she never set one paw outside). give Bertie a friendly "boop" on his nose from me.

  6. Bertie is a very lucky cat! But he deserves it as he's so cute.
    (Lulu's favourite flavour of dog food is fish, which I find rather strange.)

  7. This is perfect. Très élégant cat food for a très chic cat.

  8. My Matisse is not so lucky as your Bertie! Please don't tell him about the lapin!

    Mary in Oregon


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