14 January 2014

A farm

The area south of Saint-Aignan is farm country. You don't see vines and vineyards down there. I guess it's just too far from the climate-moderating influences of the  Loire and Cher rivers.

This farm is located about 10 miles south of us, on the road between Orbigny and Nouans-les-Fontaines in the Indre-et-Loire département. I've seen horses there.


  1. Whilst Susan is blogging about the building terminology...
    and what should be done...
    when you see a lovely set of angles in roof lines like these...
    I'm rather glad that not everyone has stuck so closely to the plans.
    It is what gives this region so much of its character...
    especially where, as in this case, the rust now blends into the tile!!

    A lovely, calm rural picture!

  2. There something lovely about a farm and this one looks so peaceful.

  3. This is probably not a photo from this time of the year! This looks like it have been taken somewhere around here - maybe. Perhaps it is the green grass that makes me think of Oregon...

    Mary in Oregon

  4. Mary, I took the farm picture on January 10... 2006. But the weather is the same this year and everything is just as green here.

  5. I know that I am constantly praising your photos, and Walt's, but, honestly-- it just needs to be said! This is a wonderful photo!


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