16 January 2014

January? Really?

It's beginning to look like we won't really have a winter this year. We've got the darkness, and we've got the winter rains, but we don't have any freezing weather or snow. The low temperature this morning is in the mid-40s F, and the high will be around 50 (10ºC). Is it really January?

This will be the second year in a row without any real wintery weather, if the current conditions stay with us. Last year we didn't have a cold winter at all, but we had a very long stretch of rainy, chilly days and nights. We and a lot of other people had to buy more heating oil in March and keep the boiler going until mid-May.

The photos above were taken just a few miles north of Saint-Aignan in mid-January a few years ago. This is what things look like here again this year. No ice, just a lot of water and a lot of birds.


  1. Ken - I was thinking the same thing earlier this month: "it's surprising how mild this January has been" and then looked through our blog history to find that most years I have said the same thing in the middle of the month.

    I will wait until the end of the month to decide if it has been mild, because thats when the winter really starts. Usually it's the first week of February, just as we take ourselves off to Paris for the car show.

  2. Ken - mid 40s C here.
    Wanna swap?

  3. We haven't had much winter here in SoCal either. It's been in the high 70's F at the beach and the mid 80's F in the valleys. No rain in the past 2 years. I don't like cold weather so it is fine with me but I am really missing rainy days and not looking forward to water restrictions.

  4. Leon, no thanks. We are aware because we are watching the Open. Hope you have AC.

  5. Even here, we've had a mild December and January this year. I will be interesting to see what February brings (but never a worry of snow... although I see plenty in the distant mountains).

  6. Hi Simon, I believe you are right. Feb. is often colder here than Jan., as is Dec. But jeez the rain is really pouring down right this minute.

  7. Our winter in Alabama is colder than usual.

  8. you are very welcome to have our winter... stuck inside today but i have a nice fire and a lot of cats to keep me warm.

  9. Ken, the ground is so soggy here we are having some difficulty getting the car out!
    Some parts of the wall of the longére are more daub than mortar!!
    But I'm with Simon...
    winter around here doesn't seem to start until Feb!
    Hope the kitchen roof gully is still good...
    as you haven't mentioned it, I am presuming that your roofer seems to have got it right.
    Especially with the testing it has had since October!!


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