16 May 2009

Enough with the rain already

Okay, I'm back at that point where I've had enough rain now. We have had more rain since May 7 than we had over the whole period from February 15 up to that date. On the other hand, at least we haven't had to turn the heat on since about May 1. If the rain doesn't let up soon, weeds and snails are going to take over the vegetable garden.

Rock rose

There are some nice flowers right now, but not as many of them as you would expect. The roses sauvages — I'll call them rock roses, because they look like that flower we had in California — are in bloom all around. The garden roses haven't yet come into full flower yet, but they are covered in buds.


As Walt has written, our irises didn't do much this year, although we had one or two magnificent blossoms. I've noticed that the neighbors' irises haven't bloomed profusely either. I don't think this is a year for irises.


It has been a nice year for the columbine, les ancolies, however. They come up all by themselves every spring in a little patch of garden that we keep telling ourselves we really ought to dig up and replant. Then every year, this happens and we just leave it alone.

Bellflowers by the front door

It's the same with these little purple bellflowers, or campanules. They bloom really nicely when the weather is warm. Obviously, this year, they couldn't wait for the sun. Or the sun we had earlier stimulated them sufficiently. There are millions of flowers on them right now, right by our front door.

A profusion of plums

Unless the weather prevents it, we are going to have a great year for stone fruit, from all appearances. The plum and cherry trees are absolutely covered in immature fruit. The hot weather they are promising us for the coming week will make the difference.

And maybe we'll get to put shorts on again. It's too chilly now. My tan is quickly fading....


  1. I can see a lot of prune or cherry pies in your future. Hope to taste some of them.

    Unlike you, what else is new, I've had the heat on for my first two days back in Paris. Today, the third day, I turned down the thermostat from 25°C [too lazy to make a conversion] to 22°C. I hope it is not too low!

    This morning is it sunny. Let's hope it will last.

    Thyme has survived, as well as the wild Fuschia or Fuchsia. Both tarragon plants have disappeared, my hopes weren't too high. Bay laurel is not completely dead and might revive.

  2. My flowers are all drenched and broken too. And our fruit trees are going wild, as your's are.

    I'm sick of this rain, too. I'm about ready to turn on the heat and light a fire in the chimney.

    Cheer up, Méteo France predicts a nice week, next week.

  3. Hello Ken, My cousin and her husband are visiting the Loire Valley next week. And she's know in our family as someone who always makes the sun shine:). So you'll probably in for some very very nice weather. Martine

  4. i am back from lovely trip to paris.....only drizzled one afternoon....so we had good weather....comfortable for lotsa walking (and i thought my legs were in shape since i walk an hr/day here but nooooo) champagne every day....met extended family of beau fils....tour of his dad's office at palais de justice & dinner in private dining room of paris bar complete with chauffeur driven ride home to our apt (once in a lifetime experience)....

  5. chm...
    smiling to think of you back in Paris. It's 93F here in Silicon Valley today. Can't imagine what the desert must be like!
    Sending warmth your way!

  6. Thank you Cheryl. I sure do need any kind of heat I can muster. I have missed my desert since April 1 when I left for Virginia, where the weather was like a yo-yo, cold ad rainy, nice and warm, and now Paris where it is damp and cool not to say cold. It was so much better last year. Remember that lunch with Walter?

  7. Blogger as an e-mail engine. LOL!

  8. Works better than comcast.net. LOL!


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