28 November 2005

Photo of the Day: Bois Blanc

This is my first post to Ken's blog; he was kind enough to include me on his "blog team." Cool, eh?

We had recently ordered 2 stères of bois blanc to use as kindling and it was delivered last week. A stère is a measurement for wood that is equal to one cubic meter; each log is cut into one meter lengths, so it’s pretty easy to measure. Bois blanc is a common term for pine or other light wood normally used as kindling. We had 7 stères of oak delivered a few weeks ago. Of course, being frugal, we decided to cut and split the wood ourselves, so all that work is ahead of us; the chainsaw and the ax will get a good workout this season.

Since we weren’t going to be home, we asked the guy to just dump the wood in the driveway and we’d stack it later. Today was stacking day. It took me about 20 minutes. The oak, on the other hand, took two of us a couple of days to stack under the shed, it being much heavier. A couple of "before and after" photos:

- Walt


  1. Hiya, Walt!
    Great photos and description of stacking. The wood looks cured already... true? In the States, Phoenix has banned all wood fires. My sister and her husband live in Flagstaff and say wood fires are starting to be a problem there. They recently installed a small wood stove in their kitchen, though, and it does warm the whole house nicely.
    We were in Flag for Thanksgiving. Had a wonderful time, saw the Grand Canyon again. Hope you are well!

  2. I guess it all has to do with climate, topography, and population density. Mostly population density, probably. Many people here in the French countryside heat principally with wood fires.

    We are planning to have a wood stove installed in our fireplace in the living room. It's a long story...


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