21 November 2005

Healthy dog, icy weather

It has turned really cold. At least the sun is shining brightly, so it's not gloomy and gray. Collette has been fine since we put her on the new diet last week. She's again running and jumping (a little) on our walks and around the house. She plays with her chew-bone. She's eating well.

Here she is on the walk this morning. There was a heavy frost. Following are some more pictures of the frosty plants out back.

This is the kind of contraption they use to burn the clippings in when they prune the grape vines in the fall and winter. They are very common around here, and I think they are used all over France. Somebody told me the reason for burning the clippings is to kill pests.


  1. Your photographs are just awsome! Am really enjoying your stories and photos....thanks!!
    Susie, a friend of Sue's in Auburn Ca.

  2. Thanks for your nice comments, Susie, and especially for the ones about our dog Collette. I told Sue I had heard from you. Ken


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