27 June 2021

More flower photos

1         2

3         4

I posted other photos of some of these flowers yesterday.
No. 1 is a wild millepertuis (St. John's wort).
No. 2 is a sweet pea (pois de senteur), I think.
No. 3 is a ronce (blackberry), which is a member of the rose family.
And no. 4 is a perennial geranium ('rozanne') that Walt planted in our back yard.


  1. The geranium rozanne has a lovely pastel color.
    Those "minute" bugs (flea bugs) are every where.
    There is a world of interesting things around us that we should pay more attention to!

    1. What is "successful innovative experiment" that flashed out of nowhere in Puffin?
      Did blogger acknowledged you tamed their platform?


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