09 April 2017

Washed up

We got the new washing machine and the delivery and installation were a snap. Problem is, I can't get the machine to work the way the old one did. Whirlpool 1, user 0. European washing machines are notoriously complicated to use.

More about that later. Meanwhile, yesterday was a washing day of another sort. Walt "power-washed" our terrace for the season. We bought a little power-washing Kärcher machine a few years ago, and it has proved to be a good investment. Now we have clean tile and our summertime furniture on it out on the terrace. The summer season has begun.

And here's a view through the lean-to greenhouse out to the back yard and vegetable garden plot. Just because...


  1. We bought a Karcher wannabee a few years ago and it got frozen one winter. It hasn't worked since. Last year I borrowed our neighbour's to do our courtyard, and this year we are borrowing from another friend.

  2. The jade plant looks happy.

  3. We bought a huge Karcher and I find that I can not control it - let alone stay dry!

  4. In Argentina, we bought a stack set washer dryer , Bosche. It was silent, never flooded, ( that was my main fear, having a washing machine in an apt upstairs over other apts ..) but it was on the small side so we had to take bulky items ( bedspreads etc) to the dry cleaners , which luckily was down the block. I miss my apartment in Buenos Aires .. it would be perfect for just me and the cats.

    1. Meanwhile, I forgot to say I love the tile, I love love love the view and the view from the greenhouse.
      You will be so cozy and content, it will be difficult to leave the house and go to town ! :)

  5. I do find our washing machines come with a plethora of options I never use, but once I've plumped for a program that does the job for my limited needs (being a single person), that's the only one I use.

  6. We have the same Kärcher, it's absolutely ideal, and easy to move around.
    For years I had a wonderful Bosch washing machine which not only moved house, but country too, and never missed a beat. Eventually one of the plastic dial knobs broke and couldn't be replaced. Infuriating, but I guess they want to sell new machines. I now have another Bosch which has a mind of it's own. I'll programme it, and then have to wait to make sure it feels like working. If it doesn't I'll get a message saying no, or even yes - but then it might have a hissy fit and change it's mind ! Of course it always works perfectly when we get the engineer in.

  7. oh those tiresome hissy fits that appliances throw now and then ...


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