02 April 2017

A drink and a sniff

We had showery weather yesterday. There were frequent giboulées — sudden downpours — during most of the afternoon. At least one of them included a lot of ice pellets. Luckily, by 5:30, when it was time for our walk, the sun was shining brilliantly, though the sky was filled with puffy clouds.

Callie enjoys the walks and she likes nothing better than getting a good drink of rainwater. She also is always on the lookout — or should I say "smellout"? — for interesting odors. I wonder what she detected this time. Maybe there was a deer out in the vineyard, upwind. At age 10, smelling and seeing deer is one of her greatest pleasures in life.


  1. Oh, what a sweet, fluffy, pretty dog she is :)

  2. Our cat loves to drink water from our bird bath. Ten looks good on Callie!

  3. She is definitely a love ... and I agree, she is very very pretty.

  4. Callie is 10, and I remember when you brought her home. I've been silently following your blog all this time and thoroughly enjoying each day. I guess I'm a Francophile at heart, but living in California.


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