19 April 2017

The 2017 wisteria bloom

I thought these turned out to be nice clear closeups of the flowers on our wisteria plant this spring. The plant is on the west side of our house, and I took the photos early in the morning when it was in deep shade.

Here's a view of the whole plant, with all it's flowers. We planted it in 2006, three years after we moved into the house.

Back in 2012, a bad windstorm tore the whole wisteria plant off the wall. We found it lying on the ground one afternoon. But we were able to put up better support wires for it and get it back up there after pruning it some.


  1. With iris being first, wisteria is one of my favorites. It's not in blom yet, here in NoVa.

  2. Oh ! that last one ... I do wish I had Smell-O-vision on my computer lol
    Gorgeous ... so very beautiful .. will there be hummingbirds next ? I know there will be bees.
    Our Wisteria ( old house long ago) was known as the plant that ate the town.
    It started out small when my old house was built but by the time we moved in, it was huge, a massive thing, pushing over fences and lying on the rooftop next door .. We just had it cut back so the neighbor would not sue us but there was nothing like it in bloom. Look how perfect it is on your wall..

  3. Wonderful quality photos, Ken. I've seen several posts about Wisteria in France lately. Yours is just beautiful.

  4. Lovely. You have trained it well. In Berkeley I had a huge wisteria that about took down the wooden fence. Luckily my neighbor enjoyed it as well.

  5. Just beautiful, both your pictures and the plant.


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