04 April 2017


April is a month of contrasts. Colors are very dark or very bright. One minute, it feels like springtime. Then the sky suddenly blackens and a cold rain starts falling. If you don't like the weather, just wait five minutes.

I took the first and third photos here in the space of 10 minutes a couple of days ago, while I was out walking around the hamlet with the dog late in the afternoon. The one in the middle — raindrops falling on our terrace — was taken a couple of hours earlier, when I thought rain might spoil the rest of the day. It turned out to be just an April shower.


  1. April is moody yo are right

  2. Very nice display of these three excellent photos :)

  3. We are having April showers in Alabama also.

  4. I love all of your photos .. I am a sucker for Sky and Cloud photos so these make me very happy. :)
    I think we are having a mini hurricane .. wind flooding rain and thunder and lightening. The reason I left Florida the first time ..

  5. Look how low your clouds look ! over the grapevines ... I love these .. more more !


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