08 November 2015

Pizza, a café, and Notre Dame

Last Sunday night I was in Paris. I had gone to see a play on the grands boulevards and walked the 45 minutes back to Notre Dame Cathedral and the Latin Quarter. I climbed the seven flights of stairs up to my room in the hotel I had chosen to stay in. I thought I'd just stay in, go to bed early, and get up refreshed and rested the next morning for my trip out to the airport and my transatlantic flight.

Problem is, I got hungry. I had only had a small sandwich at lunchtime. My original plan had been to have dinner in a Tunisian restaurant near my hotel, but suddenly I didn't feel good about having that kind of food. I decided to go have a pizza in the restaurant above, and I'm glad I did. It was really good. The pizzeria is on the Boulevard Saint-Germain next to the grounds of the Cluny museum.

Earlier, I had seen the café above and got a good photo of it. I like the cyclist in the middle of the image and the blurry wheels of the bicycle. Actually, it wasn't the first time I had taken a photo of that particular café-bar-brasserie.

Even earlier, I had walked the same route, going in the opposite direction, and I'd snapped this view of Notre Dame. Here's my church for a Sunday.


  1. The view of cathedral is fantastic

  2. The first time I saw Notre Dame she was filthy. She looks best cleaned up. This photo is beautiful. Bon Dimanche!

  3. Yes, it is remarkable how clean Notre Dame is, compared to the 1980s-90s. It looks wonderful.

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  5. When I went toParis in 1963 and 1967, all the buildings were black. I really liked it that way (seemed more mysterious and exotic, I guess), and seeing it all buffed up in 1987 was a shock. The glowing golden buildings grew on me though.

    1. Yes, I agree totally! Their former selves were all I knew (from photos in books, movies, etc.!). The real shocker had been the old Frankfurtl Opera House, since I had lived outside of Frankfurt for over 3 years and it had been a regular site whenever I went into the city. After it's cleaning when I saw it, W O W - such a dramatic change!!!

      Mary in Oregon


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