26 March 2015

Three for a Thursday

Jet lag. It's worse coming this way, against the sun. Here I am, early-bird me, struggling to wake up at nearly eight o'clock in the morning. Yesterday, I wanted to go to the supermarket, but by mid-morning (5:00 a.m. in N.C.), I was too groggy to drive. A cup of coffee revived me, and the same thing is helping this morning.

I did enjoy the walk with Callie yesterday morning, between eight and nine. We walked through vineyard and woods, out to the paved tourist road, and back home again. You would have thought that might wake me up and get my mind and body working again. Not really.

So I guess I'll try to get to the store this morning. There are things we need and want, including some cream cheese for the bagels I packed in my carry-on and brought back. This morning, the sun is again shining. It's cold out, and light rain is supposed to move in again this afternoon. March is going out like a wimp.

I am enjoying getting back to my old stomping grounds, even if I am half out of it and the weather is a lot colder than I would like. It will soon be time to get to work in the garden. Early springtime is probably the cruelest season. You just have to wait it out.


  1. Ken, some lines from Deep Purple's "Concerto for Group and Orchestra"....
    "April is a cruel time
    Even though the sun may shine
    And world looks in the shade as it slowly comes away
    Still falls the April rain
    And the valley's filled with pain
    And you can't tell me quite why
    As i look up to the grey sky
    Where it should be blue....


    But then the feeling comes again of an April without end
    Of an April lonely as they come
    In the dark of my mind I can see all too fine
    But there is nothing to be done when I just can't feel the sun
    And the springtime's the season of the night"

    'Tis init!!
    Great Callie pix!!
    Next year will be the year of the dog!

    1. By the way, in French it's "le pré" -- masculine, not feminine, in gender.

    2. Thanks Ken...
      Yes... but LaPré DelaForge is a well known drag artiste!

      Actually, I only realised my mistake....
      after I'd gone through all the gmail rigmarole....
      to give us a joint sign in for the downstairs computer...
      we kept posting in each others names...
      so now we is a drag artiste!!
      And there is no turning back...
      just need to find a public domain pic of Danny LaRue...
      or Dame Edna Everage to use...
      given my command of language.... French and English....
      it perhaps really ought to be the latter!

  2. Soit au début, soit à la fin, mars nous montre son venin. Good proverb.

    It was T.S. Eliot who called April "the cruellest month."

  3. Wellcome back ! April is coming but don't forget : " En avril ne te découvre pas d'un fil".

  4. There's no place like home. When I wake up I always remember and feel those words of Isak Dinesen, "Here I am, where I belong." You must feel that too.

    I'm glad you are back home with your family and glad that you had a good visit with your US family.

    1. After 12 years here, I guess this is home now. But so is Morehead City. Do most people feel such attachment to places?

    2. I think most people feel strong attachment to their growing up places. Kentucky will always be my land despite the fact that I've lived in Alabama far many more years. Parents, school days, first thoughts, sights and sounds are powerful memories that stick forever.
      Go Wildcats! lol
      Love Callie's portrait today.
      Callie looks good

  5. I hope there has been some good sun in your day today :)

  6. This second photo of Callie is the best ever!


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