02 March 2015

Noyers houses (3)

As I've said, traveling with a dog really restricts what you can do. You can't go into museums or very many shops. You can't go into churches, unless one person stays outside with the animal while the other goes in to look around — that's what we did in the nearby village of Montréal. And you can't just keep the poor dog locked up in the car for hours on end.

This is still Noyers-sur-Serein. That's Walt walking ahead and I'm bringing up the rear, holding Callie's leash. She's pulling me along, trying to keep up with Walt, and I'm trying and more or less succeeding to take photos despite the dog's pulling. She's not really used to be on a leash, since we don't need one for our daily walks in the vineyard.

Here's a different photo of a house that I showed a few days ago. This one also includes the late-15th-century church in Noyers (Notre-Dame). Those cellar door on the front of this old house and many others are evidence that Noyers was once an important wine village. Wine was made and stored in cellars all around the town.


  1. "Those cellar door on the front of this old house and many others are evidence that Noyers was once an important wine village"....
    in the UK they would signify an old pub.... or, in rare cases, still a pub!!
    The village reminds me of Lavenham in Suffolk...
    or "The Shambles" in York, but not as narrow...
    here, like Lavenham, you can see the archie-texture...
    in "The Shambles" it is difficult, it is to narrow to appreciate the buildings.
    Obviously in Noyer we'd be able to stand back...
    if the hound allowed**.

    I am not sure that the lime-green flowerpots add to the scene tho'...
    a more subdued colour... earthier... would be better.
    I see it had been windy... looks like the smaller, second pot had been over...
    or Noyer has extremely active Blackbirds!?

    **We had a Halti head harness for Jake in his early years...
    the lead clips just under the chin...
    dog pulls, head goes down...
    dog can't see, dog stops pulling immediately....
    and it doesn't choke the dog around the neck, either.
    By his third year he would go down / lie down to a whistle...
    on the lead, or off, and that made taking pix a lot easier!!
    And then we got Jess..................................

    1. On ne discute pas des goûts et des couleurs.

    2. Pourquoi?
      Pourquoi pas...

    3. That's the way you say "there's no accounting for taste" in French. Or you can say that "tous les goûts sont dans la nature...

  2. Looks like someone has run into the stone trough on the right in a car too.

    1. Maybe some horse or mule kicked it in 1679.

  3. Is that a disabled parking space? It looks incongruous but perhaps necessary in busy times.

    1. Yes, it's a parking space for people with mobility or other health issues. Most French towns have such facilities for people who need them. Real people live in and around towns like Noyers.

  4. Ken, was that half-timbered house on the left used for living quarters, could you tell? Or some kind of business?

    1. I saw no sign that a business occupied that old building. I assume somebody lives there.

  5. You must have had a great time wandering about those
    narrow lanes. I'm trying to figure out what that greenery
    is in the second photo, just to the right. Surely not a tree.

    1. It may well be a tree, or some kind of climbing vine.


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