19 March 2015

Foods I enjoy...

...in America. Even in North Carolina, where they are certainly not traditional, bagels and cream cheese have become a common breakfast food, competing with the traditonal Southern biscuit and hominy grits. People from all over the U.S. have relocated to N.C. over the past 50 years, and the population has increased by 150%. The state has become more diverse culturally. Bagels are sold in all the supermarkets, and there are a couple of bagel shops in the area.

Cream cheese has been a favorite food here for years. It used to go into making cheesecakes and cake frostings, and it still does of course. But it's also the classic topping for a toasted or at least warmed-up bagel with your cup of coffee in the morning. Given all the good bread we get from our boulangeries in France, you might be surprised to learn that I miss bagels and wish I could find them in Saint-Aignan. We get very good cream cheese in the supermarkets there, but no bagels.

P.S. Walt makes bagels from time to time and they are even better than the ones I buy here in N.C.


  1. Mmmm. Makes me want to make some bagels...

  2. We are lucky in this area as well, aren't we Ken...
    we've traditional style cream cheese from the supermarkets...
    and we've also got the white goats' cheese in clingfilm...
    just as good as cream cheese on toasted bread products.

    Do you know the UK equivalent of the bagel? The muffin!
    Not a boiled bread, and no hole in the middle... but easier to use.
    Someone has obviously managed to sell "the muffin" to France...
    all the ones in the supermarkets here are from either Royaume Uni or Angleterre..
    and in the UK we used to be able to get bags of bagels in the supermarkets.
    I cannot remember the make, but they were a Global brand...
    even Lidl had bagels from time to time on their US promotions.
    Now, perhaps, is the time to "sell" the bagel to France...

  3. I buy Bagels in Auchan, Blois and also from time to time in Lidl, Blois - that said I'm sure that Walt's bagels are far better

    1. Annd, thanks to this post...
      we've now got half a dozen from Lidl...
      to be had with poached, fried or scrambled eggs...
      the latter with salmon offcuts...
      we've got to use up the eggs somehow!

  4. I still have a bagel as a snack - although my breakfast for several years now (just like my father did!) enjoy my steel cut oats everyday!

    Nice to throw in a compliment to your husband every now and then (!)

    Mary in Oregon

  5. ooh, pardon my english (...although my breakfast for several years now "has been to" enjoy my steel cut oats everyday!)


  6. Picard sells bagels, if you can call them that, as does Monoprix, I too miss real bagels especially NY bagels!


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