01 March 2015

Noyers houses (2)

I did something stupid yesterday and my laptop computer, where I usually compose my blog posts, has been infected by some kind of malware. It's made the browser and Blogger pretty much unusable. So I'm setting this blog post up on Saturday night, on a different computer, for publication tomorrow morning. I'll spend the morning trying to get my computer cleaned up and off. Wish me luck.

Above is another old house in Noyers-sur-Serein in Burgundy.

The shop in yesterday's post is on this little square (or triangle) near the south gate into the town. I think the people standing around were on a bus tour and probably happy to be off the bus for a few mintues. Happy Sunday to you... Happy March too.

P.S. Eight a.m. and I think I got the laptop back. It only took a couple of hours to remove the malware virus. Ouf !


  1. That house at the top is fab!

  2. Glad the malware has been banished.
    Really enjoying the photos of the half timbered houses in Noyers-sur-Serein -- they're great!

  3. Ahhh, thanks so much for sharing the photos of this visit to Noyers with us. :)
    (Glad you were able to take care of the malware issue... yuck :( )

  4. hope you get it fixed. i have been loving the pix of this town!

  5. Bonjour, Ken. Je suis en train de regarder «Le Monument Préféré des Français» de Stéphane Bern. (J'ai découvert qu'à la fin de l'émission, «Le Village Préféré des Français» (Édition 2014), sur 22 villages, Noyers-sur-Serein est arrivé à la 7ème place du classement. Pas mal!)

    1. Oui, j'ai lu ça quelque part. Noyers - numéro sept. Ce que je n'ai pas vu, c'est la liste des six premiers villages préférés par les Français qui regardaient cette émission et qui ont voté.

    2. Voici les classements des 22 villages préférés des Français (Éditions 2012, 2013, 2014):

  6. I'm wishing you luck, but it sounds as if you have already had the "healing the computer" luck!

  7. I would be miserable without my laptop. Glad yours is back up and running now! Love these photos btw.


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