16 March 2015

Sunday for Monday, and worn out

Some days there just isn't much of interest to say, and there isn't much time for writing. Today (Sunday here) is one of those days. I'm posting the evening before rather than the morning of here in America so that my posts will appear at their regular time (early in the morning in France).

After the torrential rains of Saturday afternoon and evening, we had gorgeous sunny, warm weather again on Sunday. My mother and I spent the afternoon cavorting with my sister and her three grand-daughters (3, 8 and 10 years old). We went outside on the grounds of the retirement complex and the girls ran circles around us for an hour or two. They have boundless energy, and we elders were all exhausted by the time it was over.

Tomorrow we are busy. My mother has a late-morning doctor's appointment, and then she will spend a few hours in the afternoon working at the food mission where she volunteers. It's a kind of local Restaurant du Coeur (if you live in France you'll know what that means). My sister and I plan to spend those afternoon hours together, going out to take photos somewhere as yet undetermined.

Speaking of photos, these are some of the last you will see out of the new camera I ordered for this trip. I'm sending it back. The quality of the images it produces is just not satisfactory. Too many of the shots are not sharp, and the colors are not true. I'm very disappointed in it.

This evening I've been reading reviews of another camera that is similar but promises a better experience. Maybe later I'll write about this whole process of finding the right camera for what I do.


  1. On this monitor the colours and sharpness seem fine to me, Ken...
    my presumption is, therefore, that you've done a mountain of PostPro to get them like that!
    I know that I have to with most pictures that I want to use...
    and I know that my brother, using a Canon 5Mk3 and expensive glass, does absolute loads to get them to saleable quality!
    He shoots entirely in RAW now... because he finds that the internal alogs. of the camera.... in making a JPEG, just don't work!
    His main complaints sounds just like yours... and he's using the top of the range...
    I don't suppose that it could be that we are expecting too much now... as monitor quality improves?
    I was looking at some slides recently... in readiness to copying them into the system...
    and, really, we are so far ahead of those in resolution now... I was amazed!
    I used to think that they were SO good!!

    So good luck... I for one will be very interested to read the post on how and why...
    but make sure to list the apparatii!
    Enjoy the break... despite the camera...

    1. I'll write more about the camera adventure, maybe after I'm back in France.

  2. I am sorry for you concerning the new camera. Must be very disappointing. Are you looking for another Lumix?

    1. For now I'm staying with Panasonic Lumix. I've ordered another model in France and will get it when I return to Saint-
      Aignan. If I don't find it up to snuff, I will return it to Amazon.fr just as I'm returning the one I bought from Amazon.com. For the rest of this week, my sister has given back the old Lumix that I brought here to give to her. I'll use it until I fly out a week from today.

  3. How disappointing it must be for you that the camera doesn't come up to your expectations. I've heard that some people only buy reconditioned cameras from veritable sources, knowing that they have been tested by a real human being / camera geek who is capable of setting them up correctly. It's a thought.

  4. Too bad about the camera. Glad you had a beautiful day yesterday :)

  5. sorry about the new camera. that 2nd shot is stunning tho. wow!

  6. Well, that's the pits. Hope you find a good solution soon.
    Nice post. For someone who had nothing to say, you did fine.

  7. I am camera shopping/researching. I would love if you would elaborate on what to look for and what lenses we need. I'll wait until you get home to hear. I am looking at Nikon or Canon. Nikon has more pixels, and I think wireless. I would love to send directly to my computer instead of working tethered or waiting to download. Many a time I thought I had a good photo - ate my project - only to discover it was not as great as I thought.

    Enjoy your family. I loved hearing your Mother still feels like donating her time. What a sweetheart.


  8. I assume that your weather is warming up now. It's really warm and sunny in Alabama now and my tulips are up. I enjoyed seeing your Mom's work at the mission last year. It is well organized.


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