27 March 2015

Equal time

I've taken a few photos with the new camera, but I'm still working to get it set up to suit me. Actually, I'm missing the camera I left behind in North Carolina. Sigh. I'll get going with the new one soon. Here, however, is a not-very-good photo of Bertie, who deserves his day after Callie's yesterday.

Meantime, there are some signs of springtime. My plum tree, planted five or six years ago now, is in full blossom. I'm hoping for a bumper crop of little red plums this year. They'll make a good clafoutis or tarte.

Why did the earthworm cross the road? How did he get all that energy in such cold weather? Why didn't he go underground instead of at surface level? Worms are mysterious creatures. There are billions and billions of them on Earth, but we hardly ever see them. This one was about a foot long.

It's time for the morning walk with Callie. Bertie is curled up on his towel on a pillow on the sofa. Callie is patiently waiting for me to come upstairs and put my outdoor clothes on. Here I go.


  1. "Why didn't he go underground instead of at surface level?"....
    death wish??

    Love the effect on the first two pix....
    post processing on the 'puter....
    or one of these new-fangled, in-de-camera effects?

  2. It's apparently snowing lightly here, and feels like 26°F (it's 33)... what?! So, enjoy YOUR signs of spring!

  3. Bertie never looked better! Same for the plum tree. Love what you're doing with the new camera so far.

  4. I think the earthworm crossed the road to get away from the chicken! Our chickens love earthworms and suck them up like spaghetti. Pauline

    1. LOL, Pauline. No chickens in the vineyard, but plenty of crows and pigeons.


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