11 March 2015

Jet lag, a.k.a. le décalage horaire

Here is the jet, or at least a couple of views from the window of the jet. I've got the lag. I was up at 3:30 yesterday morning, after getting about 5½ hours of sleep. And then I took a fairly long nap in the afternoon. I hope that wasn't a mistake. It made me feel better yesterday, but it might make the lag last longer. I took a long walk in the morning, which according to conventional wisdom is one of the best things you can do to fight jet lag.

In French, jet lag is called something pretty different. The expression has to do with suffering from the décalage horaire — the time (zone) difference. That difference throws your bio-rhythms off. When you go into a different time zone, your body isn't hungry at local mealtimes, and it's not sleepy at natural bedtimes. Some so-called experts say you should count on needing one day for each hour of time décalage to get your body's rhythms reset. That would mean I'll have to suffer with this for five days, or nearly half of my time here. Sigh.


  1. Walks! Keep up the walks! :)
    What is the weather forecast like for your stay?

  2. I hate the time changes, but love to travel.

  3. Very mild but foggy this morning. Maybe some rain over the next few days. Tant pis. Better next week.

  4. yay! i love it when you are in our time zone! :-) i hope that you take a trip here and then tell us all about it:


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