11 September 2014

Throwback Thursday — 1985

In the spring of 1985, somebody that I worked with threw a garden party. Pictures were taken. Here's one of me, nearly 30 years ago already. I had recently come back from a trip to Africa (Sudan, Niger, and Mali) as part of the press pool traveling with then-VP George H.W. Bush. Reagan was in the White House.

Look at all that dark hair — it was natural, too.

I was working as a writer and editor at the U.S. Information Agency in Washington. I had been hired by my friend CHM a couple of years earlier to be his assistant editor on the staff of a magazine published in French by the U.S. government. From that position I had moved into a job as a writer/editor in USIA's Africa press service. I traveled a lot, mostly in the U.S.

So I was working with CHM in a building near the Air and Space Museum and the NASA offices just off the Capital Mall. And I was living with Walt in an apartment on Capitol Hill. Walt was working as an office assistant for a prominent member of Congress from California. Thanks to CHM for saving and scanning the photo.


  1. You look very happy....
    must come from leading a varied and interesting life, methinks!

  2. and my ex and I were living in springfield VA; ex worked for the BNA, I was a "beltway bandit" for HUD.

    you and walt fit together like PB&J. AND you are still friends with CHM!

  3. So fun (and rare) to see an old photo of you. What a fascinating history you have!

  4. Surprise! Time sure flies! Good memories.

  5. More little tidbits I didn't know-- traveling to Africa?! USIA's Africa press service!? Walt working for a prominent member of congress from California?! Wow!

  6. Quels mecs vous êtes, les gars ;-) !!! Bises

  7. Love this, your first throwback post! I'm glad CHM found this photo- you were looking good and still are!


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