22 September 2014

Looking up

When we arrived in Loches, we parked on a main street that carries a lot of traffic into and out of the town. We were lucky to find a free parking space. We walked up this little street and it turned out that the restauarant where we were to have lunch was right across the street from the house with the blue door, with its outdoor seating area under that canopy of green you can see overflowing the walls on the left.

The old town, la cité médiévale, is on the high promontory you can see here. I was looking up toward it, admiring the rooftops and the tower of the Eglise Saint-Ours. The "new" or lower town was our destination this day. We'd never before had a meal in the restaurant called La Gerbe d'Or but had heard good reports. We were a few minutes early and it wasn't raining in Loches as it had rained between Orbigny and Genillé a few minutes earlier. We had time to walk around for a few minutes before meeting our friends.


  1. La Gerbe d'Or changed hands on 1 August this year. The new owner/chef seems to be maintaining standards and the staff have stayed on, so most people don't realise there has been a change I suspect.

  2. Count us with "most people". Good luck to the new owner, they've got a nice little business there!

  3. Is that an old TV antenna up there, on the right?

  4. Yes, Judy, it is. Those old antennas are everywhere here.


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