23 September 2014

C'est le soleil

This morning the sky is all pink, but yesterday it was gray — almost white. You might think the heavenly body in the photos below is the moon, but it isn't.

Late in the morning, the fog and haze mostly burned off, but temperatures remained chilly. Welcome to autumn.


  1. Wasn't first light this morning strange?
    But Autumn arrived a day early yesterday....
    need to search out my cardies!!
    I liked your Loches pictures, btw...
    it is always nice to see somewhere you think you know well through another's eye!

  2. (sings)
    c'est le soleil
    do do do do
    et c'est vrai
    (doesn't sound like george harrison so much, right?)

  3. Such an eerie feeling when the sun is veiled over. Beautiful shots.


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