12 September 2014

Despite the blight...

Walt says he thinks he's thrown out about half of the tomatoes that our 2014 garden has produced. Still, it has been a good year for tomatoes, and we have quite a few that are ripening on the vines. If this beautiful dry weather continues, we'll get a lot more. And we have these sitting in the kitchen, waiting to be eaten fresh or cooked for putting in the freezer.

Besides all the tomatoes we have eaten in August and September, we have made 15 pints of thick tomato sauce and have those in the freezer already, for winter meals. That's more than 15 lbs., or 7.5 kg. If half of the tomatoes from the garden hadn't had to be discarded, what in the world would we have done with them all?


  1. That's a good question!
    These look amazing -- what a bounty!

  2. Same question here Ken! Also the blight seems to have cut out the pile of unripe tomatoes left on the vine at the end of summer, and finding something new to do with them. In past years we hung a washline in the spare bedroom and tied bunches of green tomatoes on it to ripen - it worked, mostly.

  3. You are lucky. A lot of healthy tomatoes


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