14 September 2014

September scenes for a Sunday

Since the first of September, we've had the longest unbroken string of beautiful days of 2014. It has been fantastic, after all the rain we had in July and especially August.

This kind of weather reminds me of summers in northern California, where we lived for 18 years before relocating to the Loire Valley. It hardly ever rains there at all in summertime.

Right now, our Loire Valley mornings are crisp. The afternoons are pleasantly warm. There's very little humidity in the air. This month will be remembered as 2014's summer.

We haven't had a drop of rain in September. That is supposed to change this coming week, when temperatures will rise and storms are supposed to develop. Right now, we could actually use some rain.


  1. It can rain after next week, please....
    still got work I want to do outside...
    that said, this year we've managed to get all the spuds out of the ground without working in "gloop"!!
    And, for the last six mornings I've taken some great sunrise pix...
    we've managed an Autumn clean, too!!
    A sheets wash today, methinks....
    'Swonderful, 'Smarvellous, September in the Sunshine....
    just love the telephoto shot into the vineyard with the track snaking away...
    you've got that old shack almost perfectly on a 'golden' point.

    1. And, how's the digit?
      You seem to be putting more words on the page...

  2. We've had one storm with good rain so far in September, but otherwise warm and sunny. I've just seen that Tours had 102 sunshine hours in the first 10 days of September, second highest record ever for the period and 60% more than average.

  3. It's been lovely here too. Like Susan we had a good soaking one evening/night [with the thunder and lightning thrown in] but for the rest it has been great.
    Lunch on the terrace again today :-)

    How is your finger doing?

  4. No change in the finger. I can't take the splint off, they say, for rear of re-injuring the tendon. So I just have to wait, and continue to hunt and peck on the keyboard. It takes me three or four times longer to type a paragraph than it used to — but I'm getting faster and better at it.

  5. Wowzer! Gorgeous photos, especially that first one!


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