21 September 2014

Good to go

As you can see, the cafés and restaurants on this pedestrian street in central Loches — la Grande Rue — were all ready for the lunch crowd. Outdoor and indoor tables were set up and waiting.

Click or tap on the image to see it at a larger size.

Problem was, skies were gray, thunder grumbled in the distance, and rain threatened. Maybe there were diners inside, but there weren't many outside. Of course, it was just before noon, which is a little early for lunch. For those who don't have to work in the afternoon, it's just the right time for an apéritif to get the appetite going.


  1. We had kirs before lunch in Loches the other day, right after I took this picture. The kirs were made with sparkling Touraine wine (don't know if it was a Vouvray) and crème de cassis.

  2. it looks like this street is closed to cars, yes?

    a lovely scene. almost movie/dreamlike.

    1. Yes, A-M, the Grande Rue is a pedestrian street. I looked for it in street view on Google Maps but didn't find anything. I guess that's because Google can't drive thru there with whatever vehicles the cameras are mounted on.

  3. Kir for me also! This sort of dining is becoming popular here now, en fin!

  4. So welcoming place What a pity far away from my home.


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