20 September 2014

Driving to Loches for lunch

Yesterday we drove 40 minutes over to Loches, a town of some 7,000 people, to have lunch with friends and acquaintances in a nice restaurant. Before meeting up with the others, Walt and I walked through some of the pedestrian streets and took pictures. Loches (sounds like "lush" if you speak American English) is a picturesque place.

On the way to Loches, we drove through quite an impressive thunderstorm, with a deluge of rain, several impressive lightning bolts very close to the road we were on, and even a few hailstones. Weather patterns are changing now that we are in the second half of September.


  1. In the afternoon we had brilliant sunshine and 27°C chez nous. It was a lovely mild evening then a sudden chill arrived with darkness. It's nice that it's cooler at night I think.........shame about today's rain.

  2. It had rained here when we got home, but we had only 3 mm in the gauge. We've been having showers all morning. That was a good lunch yesterday.

  3. Oh, I remember the big discussion we had here one year, about the English-language pronunciation of Loches, about how it differed when said by an Australian, a Brit, an American, or an English-speaking Frenchman :) ... and none realized (behind our silent computer screens) that the others were thinking of it pronounced differently.
    Great photo!

  4. Hi Judy, I remember that too. English friends of ours pronounce the English word "lush" more like "leush" than like the American pronunciation -- think of the Beatles Liverpudlian accent. Our American pronunciation of "lush" has the same vowel as in "ton" or "son" or "won". I have to ask my English friends to pronounce "son" and "sun" to see if they pronounce the two words differently, where we Americans do not. Anyway, the American "lush" is extremely close to the French "Loches."

  5. I remember that discussion too and I mentioned Oshkosh. When Frank and I stopped there for dinner and the night, he was so pleased with the name of that town, he repeated it over and over: Oshkosh, Oshkosh, Oshkosh... For me it sounds very close to Loches!

    1. Chm, no, Oshkosh is pronounced [AHSH-kahsh]. in French, it's Loches [LUHSH], not [LAHSH]. The vowel in Loches is the same vowel as in bonne or tonne or poche or moche in French.

  6. Beautiful street.... just curious about the "Version Privee" bag that the lady is holding. Any ideas?

  7. Version Privée is a clothing store in Loches. Apparently, there's another VP shop in the Tours suburb of Joué...


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