09 September 2013

Plum tart

I didn't make this one. I just took the pictures. Walt cooked a plum tart yesterday — and it was beautiful as usual.

 The plum tart — la tarte aux prunes — ready to serve

The greenish yellow plums came from a tree out on the edge of the vineyard. It's the second pie-type thing we've made with them. The other was my creation, a plum cobbler (using Elise's Simply Recipes method). It was really good but not nearly as photogenic.

The tart ready for its final baking and glazing

Walt always blind-bakes his pie crust. In the pre-cooked crust, he put a layer of almond powder on the bottom to absorb excess moisture and then covered that with a half-inch layer of apple sauce, which he had made from apples off our trees. Then he pitted the plums, cut them into quarters, and arranged them on top. He glazed the tart with strained apricot jam.


  1. You can learn something from this blog everyday....
    I've always laid plums out the way my mum and grandmother did...
    in halves, cut face down...
    I prefer the look of Walt's method...
    it looks more juicy, more appetising!!
    [As if plum tart could look any more appetising?]

  2. I'm smacking my lips over here....that tart looks incredibly delicious.

  3. Yowzer! Delicious looking!

    I saw an olllllllld episode of The French Chef a little while back, and Julia made her apple tart with an applesauce/purée thing under the apples (but, no mention of almond powder). I hadn't heard of that before.

  4. The almond powder and applesauce sound like good ideas to me. You have some great tasting plums in your neck of the woods!

  5. Yes, Evelyn, those are those same good yellow plums.


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