28 September 2013


« Décalé » is an interesting word. It's what the seasons are in 2013. Winter was mild. Spring was wintry. Summer was late, and it continues into fall — it's almost 70ºF — 20ºC — outside this morning. Everything is "off" — summer weather when it's almost October doesn't seem right.

The French-English dictionary gives "quirky, off-beat" as one translation for décalé. "Out of sync." It also gives "unconventional, irregular." All that applies, in this case. You can be « décalé par rapport à la réalité » — "out of touch with reality." The seasons have lost touch with the calendar.


  1. That must be very strange. We've had unusual weather, but not nearly to the extent you report. It will be 75degrees later today, but now it's 56. The nights are cold. My favorite weather.

  2. Lovely photos :) These are by the decorative well in the back yard, aren't they? I do believe Walt had them visible in a great photo of your back yard, that he posted on FB today :)

  3. Ken

    Tomorrow it will be our 10th lucky day , in a row, in the 20's and next week we will be approaching the mid-20's .

    Yes, everything is delayed- I will be picking up autumn leaves before Halloween.

  4. Those are the same flowers, Judy. Yes.

    Beaver, is "before Halloween" early or late? Tonight on TV we will be watching a show about Anthony Bourdain in Montréal. Looking forward to it.

  5. I always found the weather in France to be strange.

  6. There's been a recent scientific report released that the extreme weather changes really are caused by us humans...

    We are expecting severe winds here in Oregon today - 90mph on the coast.

    Weather is in the news, nowdays.

  7. Ken

    It would be late.
    Bourdain did two shows in Montréal. One was last yr iIRC.

    Bordian has been a frequent visitor to the city lately and his recent visit was in February: http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2013/04/25/anthony-bourdain-parts-unknown-quebec_n_3147269.html


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