11 September 2013

Pizza aux pommes de terre

It's not often that I can show you beforehand what we are having for lunch today, but today I can because the pizza in the photo below is one we made on August 20. Today's will be a repeat performance. Each of us eats one pizza and then a salad. Walt makes the crust, which is a no-knead bread dough that cooks up just crispy enough but not crackery.

In France, another name for this kind of potato pizza might be « pizza campagnarde » — country-style pizza. In our version, there's no tomato. It's basically cream, potatoes, and cheese. The potatoes are pre-cooked and then sliced for the pizza.

Well, there are a couple of other ingredients. Meat is one; either bacon, sausage, chicken, or turkey, cut into small pieces. And hot peppers in one form or another spice it up a little. We have banana peppers that we grew and pickled in vinegar last year. One of those chopped up and put on the pizza under the potatoes perks the whole thing up. The cheese can be Cantal, Comté, Emmenthal, Cheddar, or Mozzarella — whatever you like.


  1. Potatoes on a pizza are wonderful...
    I do a goats cheese version of this style...
    and t'other day did one using Lemon Boy tomato slices...
    between the cheese and the spuds...
    that was nice too...
    a hint of tomato from the pale yellow toms!

  2. I make a potato pizza crust, but have never tried it your way with the actual potato slices on top.
    It looks delicious!

  3. Interesting-- I'd never think of putting another starch on top of that starchy crust!

  4. Judy, most pizzerias in France serve a pizza like this one -- but usually with bacon and an egg on it!

  5. Aha! The Full English pizza has been born... just needs a sossij!

  6. Just about my favourite pizza, Ken, and yours looks wonderful. I have never put cream on. I often cook up a duxelles of mushrooms and put that under the potato. So many variations...mmmm.

  7. Last comment was from Sue, I should have said.

  8. Hi Sue, we had some leftover turkey leg from the day before, so we chopped that up and sliced an onion. I sauteed that together and then put in some thyme and a couple of tablespoons of cream just to moisten it all. That was the sauce Walt put on the pizza crust before layering on the sliced potato and some cheese. It was delicious. I thought about mushrooms too — next time.


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