30 September 2013

Calm has returned

This is going to be a quiet Monday morning, I think. First, it's supposed to rain, as it did yesterday and the day before. Second, the undergrounding work seems to be finished now.

Last week, this was the scene out at the end of our paved road. Our access to the vineyard road was completely blocked by big engins and véhicules of all types and sizes. Trenches were dug. A transformer as big as a dumpster was dropped in by crane. The weather was downright hot, at least late in the afternoon.

We could still be in for some activity, however, because the vendanges — the grape harvest, plural in French — are supposed to start today. It's the latest harvest in memory, or maybe ever. Let's hope it's a good one.


  1. So... are those big poles and their wires going to be coming down, now? That will be a nice change, eh?
    p.s. I feel like that guy should put a shirt on :)

  2. Judy, I think the guy was enjoying the hot weather. And maybe showing off a little in front of his co-workers.

    The utility pole to the right will come down. The other one will stay.

  3. I knew you had fox, wild boar, and deer in your neck of the woods, but bear??

  4. I'm interested to see what you
    are going to end up with on your
    property which caused your
    neighbors to have such a hissy
    fit when it was proposed to them.

  5. Just read Walt's post of yesterday,
    which I missed somehow. Not much
    of an intrusion on your property.
    Just hope the hedge ill be okay.

  6. They finished that quickly. Is the power on yet?

  7. It sure will be nice to see at least one less utility pole. (I agree with Judeet about the shirtless guy.) I would enjoy a rainy day. We had rain overnight Friday and a bit of a drizzle early Saturday. Back to sun (with clouds). But people still on the beach and swimming every day.

  8. Starman, no, the new wires and transformer are not hooked up yet. We're still waiting.


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