26 March 2011

Petit à petit...

...l'oiseau fait son nid. That's what they say in French. "Little by little, the bird builds its nest." I'm doing that now — (re)building my nest.

When I woke up from my nap yesterday afternoon
I found that Walt had built a bonfire in the garden

I had a fairly normal day yesterday, in fact, except for sleeping in until mid-morning. I cooked lunch. I napped a little in the afternoon. I put away the things I took out of my suitcase the night before. I went out and walked the dog in the afternoon.

Wake up and smell the (prim)roses

Today I got up at 6:30. That's normal for me. So I'm getting back on schedule. This morning I'm going shopping to get some food for lunch, and some things I've been wanting to get before I left for North Carolina. For example, a duck breast — I'm going to make jambon de magret de canard. In American, I think they call that duck breast prosciutto. More about it later.

The neighbors' chickens

I still am one day off. Today really feels like Sunday. I know it's not, but I lost a day somewhere over the Atlantic, I guess. I'll find it again somewhere along the way.


  1. Do the clocks spring forward in France tonight? I wonder would that help or hinder your body clock?

    Love the sunny photo of the chickens, I only spotted the third scrawny creature on closer inspection!

  2. Chickens make good photo subjects. Love seeing them and horses.

    Lewis had duck last night at the new Thai restaurant that has come to town. I had chicken curry, but will go with shrimp next time.

    It feels like Sunday here also- maybe it's a seasonal plus travel phenomena.

  3. ooooh, I love an outside fire :))


  4. Beautiful primroses. They sell them as annuals in the nurseries here.

  5. I really like the look of the white chicken.

  6. Starman, definitely a punk-rock-white-chicken.

  7. The clocks do 'spring forward tonight'!! Ii came upon your blog as I was looking up strawberries remontant as I'd just bought some plants for my garden. Then I saw you were near St Aignan - what a surprise - it was the start of our moving to France. A friend had a holiday home there and we spent a couple of very happy summers there. We are living in the Cote d'Or near Beaune. I love the climate here and the challenge of getting to grips with the rowing season here. I shall be following your blog with interest and nicking your recipes!!!


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