27 March 2011

Lag, lagged, lagging

I should just take a day off. When I woke up early yesterday, I was optimistic. Then I went to bed at the normal hour last night and just lay there. Sleep would not come to me. I tossed. I turned. I got up and drank a glass of water. I went back to bed. Still, I did not sleep.

The flowering cherry tree out front

Finally I must have, and when I woke up, cramped and grumpy, it was 9:00 a.m. Well, by the clocks that Walt changed last night. It was really just 8:00 a.m. Or was it? What time is it really?

Peach blossoms, I think

I'm hoping for rain today. The last time I saw rain was on March 10, the day I arrived in North Carolina. The ground here is very dry indeed. If it doesn't rain, I'll need to go water my greens. If it does rain, I want to take a lot of potted plants out of the little sun porch and give them a good drink. Maybe they won't have to come back in this year.


  1. Jet lag is so debilitating, I seem to remember.
    It's lovely to see the cherry blossom out. Glorious.

  2. Peach blossom I'm pretty certain, Ken.
    We've got a brugnyon which has similar, but smaller petalled, flowers.
    And as for the jet/time lag... just potter for a few days [or use it as an excuse to, anyway.]

  3. Hello Tim, hi Jean,

    They say it takes one day per hour of time difference to recuperate. That would be five or six days for me. I'm only in day 3. Sigh. Even when I'm awake, I feel wobbly.

  4. Wobble for a few days, no one will mind.


  5. Ken, on one trip, we followed the Argonne diet
    It really worked for us.

  6. Wobbly is a great description of jet lag;)

    I almost always have a sleepless night. I remember the first one of those I had at a B&B with a digital clock. After midnight the numbers went to 00:00 and I felt like I was in the Twilight zone in a place far far away!

  7. Evelyn, that's funny. I remember looking at the clock radio last night and seeing 00:01. Yes, twilight zone.

  8. Wow, that cherry tree has so many flowers. I've never seen one bloom like that before. I hope that means you'll get beaucoup de cerises.

  9. No cherries, starman. It's just an ornamental tree. Like the cherry blossoms in Washington DC.


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