05 November 2010

Views from a table at Chambord

We went to Chambord Monday afternoon. Chrissou had seen it before, but her husband hadn't. For me, it was the umpteenth visit, but Chambord in good weather never disappoints.

It had been a long and busy day, with walks in villages and at the Château de Chenonceau in the morning, and then a lunch at home of melted raclette cheese with boiled potatoes, steamed broccoli, Paris ham, button mushrooms, and French saucisson sec.

The view from my table at Chambord last Monday afternoon

We arrived at Chambord fairly late in the afternoon. I decided to have a seat and just watch the sunlight play on the big château. And watch the people— the ones sitting at tables nearby, the ones riding bicycles and walking by.


There's a hotel on the grounds at Chambord. It's not expensive, and it's not un établissement de luxe. It's a two-star inn, and a lot of the rooms have the view of the château that you see in these pictures. You can stay there for less than 150€ a night, in a room with the view.

Fall colors at Chambord.

I'm glad to have a good zoom lens.

The hotel also has a café-restaurant with a big outdoor seating area. I took a table, ordered a glass of Chardonnay from the Cher Valley (one of our local wines), and rested my ankle. My camera got a workout, though. My friends went for a long stroll around the château, to see it from all angles.

The many chimneys at Chambord castle

The Château de Chambord was built near the royal town of Blois in the early 1500s, during the reign of French king Francis the First. He was « le bon roi François » to people here in the Loire Valley who, 500 years later, still speak of him with admiration and affection.


  1. Wonderful photos, Ken. I feel
    as if I'd just taken a trip to
    France before breakfast. Imagine
    waking up in that chateau with
    all the servants rushing about
    stoking all those fires. By the
    way, the new banner is a real
    "keeper." I like to pause and
    study it....the light on the
    river captures the swirl of
    the water perfectly.

  2. The fall colors are stunning!

  3. Yes, it's fun to see 'your view' from over there when my view is over here in the Northwest USA. Your home in Saint-Aignan is inviting, but a change in your banner is exciting!

    Did your friends go inside Chambord or did you just enjoy the grounds and view?

  4. That's a wonderful picture of the many chimneys and the beautiful variegated sky behind. Imagine having to organize all the people required to clean all those chimneys. Tires me out just thinking about it.

  5. myxnmeteChamford is so big. Its many rooms almost devoid of furnishings. The outside is definitely one of its best features. The staircases are extraordinary. I love the way that you have captured the chateau's architecture.
    Your new blog photograph showing views across the river with the town and chateau of Saint Aignan in the background brings back memories of our stay in the village. Thank you.

  6. The pictures are stunning, the day we went it was so overcast we could not capture the white stone in its best colour. These are great.

  7. Your photos are great!
    The more I go to Chambord, the more I like this castle!!

  8. And what a wonderful day that was! Chrissou and Tony


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