26 November 2010

Suddenly it's winter

It snowed yesterday in Saint-Aignan, as weather forecasters had predicted. We skeptics didn't believe them. And the snow even stuck to the ground, or at least the grass and hedges and trees. The ground itself is still too warm from all the mild weather we've been having. This was a very early snowfall for the region.

Our hamlet after the season's first light snow

It was amazing to see the sun this morning. Shining in the living room windows, it illuminated the walls and furniture in ways we hadn't seen in what feels like months. It's cold outside — below freezing. But if the sun stays out, all the snow will be gone by this afternoon, I bet.

Sunrise near Saint-Aignan, 26 November 2010

Our Thanksgiving dinner was a success but we don't have any photos to show. I've said it before: when you are hosting a group of people for a big meal, there just isn't time to take photos as well. The steamed lamb I made was good — everybody seemed to enjoy it. It cooked for at least three hours, and then stayed warm over very low heat in the steamer pot for another two or three hours.

View of the vineyard in snow from our back gate

Sorry I don't have pictures. I'm glad, however, that we do have leftovers for today's lunch. Here's a link to a recipe — Paula Wolfert's.


  1. Beautiful pictures! WOW!!!
    You really DID get some snow there the other day!!!

    Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving..

  2. Beaver, I just saw your WaPo reference from yesterday...LOL...gotta love Buchwald(RIP)...thanks!

    Vive Kilometres Deboutish!

  3. We got quite a bit of snow too. Now it's just freezing cold. Thanks for the recipe.

  4. We had the same kind of weather... burst of icy snow, and coverage of the same amount, and it's now just about 5 degrees below freezing.

    Happy day after Thanksgiving :)


  5. The second picture would make a great painting. I like snow - when you don't have to drive in it.

  6. Beautiful pictures love them all.
    I do like the back gate the best.

    We don't get snow here and our houses are not made for a snow event ever!

    Claire M

  7. Hi Dedene, I replaced the optional onions in Wolfert's recipe with some unpeeled cloves of garlic. I used a NZ leg of lamb, but I bet shoulder would be even better because more moist.

    Claire, that's what it was like in San Francisco, where we lived for 17+ years. No snow ever. In Saint-Aignan, this is very early snow but not unusual otherwise.

    Hi Leesa, Bill, Judy, Diogenes, I hope you all are having nice Thanksgiving weekends. Leesa, thanks for the pix. Bill, are you snowed in?

  8. Our snow didn't arrive until last night.

  9. Winter has arrived here too, although we were under "Alerte Orange" and didn't actually get that much snow. I'm a bit disappointed.

    You and Walt are really blogging on! I've lost all inspiration, I'm afraid...but felt like dropping in on some old friends this evening.

    Take care!


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