03 November 2010

The market in Valençay

I've posted pictures from the open-air market over in Valençay before, but here are some more. We went there yesterday. We didn't go onto the château grounds or into the buildings because we didn't have time, but we saw the château from down below, south of town.

And here's a link to an earlier post about Valençay and its market. If you type Valençay in the search box at the top of the page and click on the magnifying glass, you 'll find others.

A poultry vendor, selling eggs and rotisseried chickens
at the Tuesday market in Valençay

Our purpose was to do a little food shopping. We ended up getting some turkey sausages for lunch. Valençay is no. 3 on the list of local attractions, which is headed up by Chenonceau and Chambord castles. So we've done all three this week.

Rabbits for sale with livers and kidneys, which are good to eat

The weather was sunny in the morning but rain started in the afternoon. I had an appointment at the radiology lab over in Selles-sur-Cher in the afternoon to have my ankle x-rayed. The conclusion of the radiologist: « Rien de cassé. » Nothing's broken.

Celery root, good grated and made into something
resembling coleslaw, or cooked like other root vegetables

I asked the radiologist if I should go back to see my doctor.
« Eventuellement », he said. That means "if need be, if you think you should." It does not mean "eventually" in the time sense, as in English. So it's up to me.


  1. I made a celery rave, potato gratin with beaufort last week. The celery gives a good tang to the dish.

  2. Funny, I took that some photo, but from the front of the table. I'll have to see how it comes out when I get home.

  3. glad nothing is broken...markets r my fav.....always glad for pics

  4. I'm also glad that nothing is broken :) And, thanks for the lesson on the sort of false cognate, eventuellement... I don't think I knew that. I'm going to save your celery root/leeks photo to show my kids, who are completely amazed, every year, that people eat celery root (even though they have no idea what it tastes like!).

  5. Good news that nothing is broken. If it continues to slowly get better and better perhaps you won't need to go see your doctor at all....

    I discovered a while ago that I could microwave unpeeled celery root pretty quickly and scoop out the insides which make a kind of spreadable material with a nice taste. I want to combine it with other things the way Trader Joe's make their wonderful Red Pepper and Eggplant spread, but haven't figured it out yet. You inspire me to try again when I come across this vegetable again. We get some from the farm every summer, but I don't see it in the supermarket much.

    You are really lucky to have these great markets to shop in, though I guess it's not all just luck!

  6. Hi Ken, I'm glad to hear that your ankle isn't broken and that it is healing nicely.
    You mentioning 'eventually' reminds me of the time when I was training as a translator. In English class we would study the different meanings of the so-called 'false friends'. Every week we had a test, which meant learning 10xA4 pages by heart. It was hard, but worthwhile! :) Martine

    P.S. 'Presently' is another 'false friend'!

  7. Good news on your foot Ken, only time will heal it.

    I love your photos, they give me the feel for your part France when I am unable to travel long distances by plane.

    Claire from Brisbane Qld

  8. That's good news about the ankle.


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