06 November 2010

Saint-Dyé-sur-Loire, near Chambord

Saint-Dyé is a village on the south or left bank of the Loire River, near Chambord and 15 km upriver from Blois. Its population is about 1100.

The broad, lazy Loire River at Saint-Dyé,
near Chambord at sunset

Saint-Dyé was the river port where materials needed for the construction of the château at Chambord were brought in back in the early to middle 1500s. I first went there soon after we moved to Saint-Aignan in 2003. There was a classic car rally down on the banks of the Loire one October day I remember well, with dozens of beautiful, old Citroëns, Peugeots, Renaults, Simcas, and Panhards.

Vigne vierge — Virginia creeper — on a wall at Saint-Dyé

We drove over to Saint-Dyé after seeing Chambord Monday afternoon. The light of the setting sun was beautiful. My pictures don't do it justice. The camera couldn't decide how to focus.

The streets and houses of Saint-Dyé-sur-Loire

The streets of Saint-Dyé are as narrow as any you'll find in France. My little Peugeot just barely fit in between the walls of the old houses on many of them.

Chambord, All Saints' Day, 2010

And there's another picture of Chambord that I took Monday — not from my café table, but from farther away, where we could see the chimneys and towers through a stand of trees.


  1. Stunning photos especially the first one. Diane

  2. Ken, This makes me long to be back in France. The creepers in their colours were very pretty in St Aignan as well and you have captured the best part of Chambord - its amazing turreted roof. Nice pics

  3. Ken, isn't Chambord the castle with the double staircase?

    As a kid I was already quite charmed with these castles in the Loire valley. We visited several of them during a 70's summer vacation.

  4. LOVE the light of the setting sun! I think I will always remember seeing the chateau at Amboise in such light. Pure magic that cameras can seldom capture.

  5. Ken, is that Virginia Creeper always red, or is it that way now because of Autumn?

    Great photos:)


  6. John & Candy06 November, 2010 16:23

    Hey Ken, I remember the classic car rally down on the banks of the Loire near Chambord - must have been during our first visit.

  7. John and Candy, yes, I think that's when the classic car rally was. I haven't found it on the blog. Must have been 2004 or 2003.

    Judy, the Virginia creeper turns red in the fall. It's green during spring and summer.


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