22 November 2010

Saint-Aignan daily photo

It's a cold gloomy day. But not in this picture, which I took exactly a week ago. (Click to enlarge it.)

A November afternoon

As Walt mentioned in his Newsiness feature, Bertie was really sick all day yesterday. I'm trying not to think the worst. Today he's better. He ate his breakfast, and then we let him out. I hope he's safe out there.


  1. Bertie probably had an upset tummy due to something he ate outdoors. My cat used to be off colour like this every so often and I would make sure I searched the house afterwards for the "evidence".

    Especially after the incident when a guest staying overnight found a very small pile of "evidence" under a chair in the spare room. It had obviously been there for some time. I was absolutely horrified and so embarrassed!

    At least with dogs the need for cleaning up is more apparent.

  2. Have you posted any pics of Bertie yet? If so then I am sorry to have missed them. We have a kitten also and she is such fun I wish we had made the decision to get a cat years ago. It was my son, Euan, who pestered me into getting a kitten in the end. He knew better, he often does!

  3. Jean, I'm sure you are right. I just called the vet and she said Bertie might need worming at this point. I made an appointment for him.

    Anonymous, there are a couple of pictures of Bertie here.

  4. You guys are good parents to Bertie and Callie :))


    p.s. Plans underway for Thanksgiving? What is your traditional meal? Is it leg of lamb? I can't remember. Will you two be having anyone over, or going anywhere?

  5. Oh, I hope Bertie is feeling better and it's nothing serious. We just adopted a little dog - a maltese shih-tzu mix and have been loving having a critter around the house! I swore I would never commit to a dog because of what to do when we travel, but I guess we'll all figure that out when the time comes. In the mean time, we have a new family member and my daughters are doing a really good job of taking care of Patti!

  6. Our cat gets sick every once in a awhile. She will ask to go outside to eat some grass and then be fine. Apparently there is something in lawn grass that makes dogs and cats urp up and that settles their stomach. Make sure that there are dishes of fresh water available for Bertie so he keeps hydrated.

  7. It looks great even if I can't see all the colors.

  8. Ken,

    Our cat Scarlet (age 15) was quite sick this year and vomiting frequently. After several trips to the vet, she made a big recovery by changing her diet. I eliminated all dry food (most of which contains corn or rice) as these ingredients are not what a cat would eat in nature and can cause many health problems in the long term. Now she gets only canned or moist food, like canned chicken or turkey. We never give her tuna; while cats love it, tuna causes a lot of problems for them. Hope this is useful.


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