11 November 2010

Saint-Aignan and the Cher

Here are two pictures of the Château de Saint-Aignan, seen from down along the banks of the Cher. The Cher is une rivière in French — a tributary of a larger river, in other words. The larger river, called un fleuve, is the Loire, 25 miles north of Saint-Aignan.

The Loire and the Cher come together over on the far side of Tours, about 50 miles west of Saint-Aignan. The Loire is the longest river that flows entirely within French territory, and it is about 1000 km or 600 miles long. The Cher is about 250 miles long. Pronounce the name as [shehr], just like the name of the famous American singer/actress.

I've been using this photo as my blog banner (which I just modified this morning) for a few days now, but at least one reader has told me that the banner is not showing up on her computer screen. If that is still the case, maybe one or both of these pictures will show up.

I took this pictures on November 2. Remember that you can click on all the pictures in my blog to see them at a larger size.


  1. The banner shows up fine for me. I'm using Chrome browser.
    Today is cold in Nogent, 3°C! Cloudy, wet, stay-at-home weather.

  2. As nice as these pictures are, I keep remembering how cold it is.

  3. When you live in Florida, all the rest of the world seems cold. I can't help thinking how unbearably hot it is in Florida for so much of the year.

  4. Banner works ok for me. What a great picture.

  5. I agree, Florida is NOT the place to visit in the summer, but a lot of people do it anyway. I suppose most are people with kids going to Disney World after the schools let out.

  6. I LOVE this view... Next time we visit... I'm going to make sure to get a shot like this!!


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