18 November 2010

More rain, more gray

It looks like this again today:

What I've said about weather in northern France is completely relative, of course. If you're coming from a more northerly region like England, or a place that has a harshly cold winter like the U.S. Midwest or Northeast, you'll find the weather here fairly mild by your standards. The hours of daylight are very short here in November, December, and January. What daylight there is often lurks behind a low layer of gray clouds, or thick ground fog.

Time for me to go out and walk in the gray with the dog. Making quenelles today, and taking pictures.


  1. I'm taking my dog on a gray, foggy photo walk this morning, too. But I'll take gray and foggy over those Midwest winters I fled 20 some years ago...

  2. We are about a month away from longer days. By the first of January I can tell a difference. And you do have really long summer days that are so fine.

    It's overcast here in Alabama today also.

  3. It is pretty gey and miserable in Reading today, luckily we have had no floods like in Cornwall so can go home to a nice warm house!

  4. Dreary. This is part of the reason I dislike winter.


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