27 April 2008

What a difference a day makes

Yesterday was a day like none we've had in 6 or 8 months.

Walt was out mowing the back yard.

Bruno D. was out mulching the clippings from his vines.

Bruno L. was out plowing furrows between his rows of vines.

Bernard across the road was out on his riding mower obliterating daisies.

Et moi ? Besides taking pictures, in the morning I fired up
the rototiller and did my springtime tilling chore.

This was a first tilling. I'll till the plots again in about 3 weeks,
before we set out the eggplant and tomato plants
that we have growing in flats.

Yesterday, even the flowers were busy. Blooming.


  1. Oh, what beautiful springtime pictures! I can tell how happy you are and I hope the weather stays nice for you.

    And what was Callie doing on this fine spring day?

    I haven't been commenting recently (although I've still been reading) because I've been hard at work in my gardens.


  2. Hey! That's me in the south forty!

  3. Aha, there you are, hard at work!


  4. oh that's so beautiful! so green.... :)

    i dropped over by walt's blog. are you his wife?

    and do u mind if i add ur blog to my blogroll? love ur beautiful pix of loirae valley and france. i love france. now i'm busy digging into your archives. :P

  5. You probably feel as we do here when everything turns green and the trees flower and begin to leaf out: Ah, now life begins!

  6. Irises are such elegant flowers, and so complex.
    I have a sneaking suspicion the so-called "fleur de lis" was in fact an iris, and was used in heraldic after the plant was brought back from Asia Minor by the crusaders. Can somebody confirm that?

  7. Ahh, the sun at last. I'm so happy for you!

  8. Everyone bursting into work. Nature bursting into life.I can smell grass and flowers...

  9. chm - the fleur de lis is the native Yellow Flag Iris pseudacorus. This plant also links to the oriflamme.

  10. You all look like busy bees! Where's Callie? Running around and being as busy?
    I haven't visited for a long time, been busy walking and pedalling!


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