15 April 2008

Statues in churches, II

Here's another polychrome statue that I photographed in the Eglise St-Sulpice in Palluau-sur-Indre.

We are having a second day in a row of sunny weather in Saint-Aignan. Ouahou ! as we say here. But tomorrow and Friday are supposed to be rainy.

Chrissoup (who is actually Chris or Chrissou P.) arrives tomorrow for a long-weekend visit. I have a couple of ideas for day trips with her if the weather cooperates.


  1. yummm that's..............tasteful.

    I will never look at a cheap garden gnome the same way again.

  2. Claudia in Toronto16 April, 2008 22:59

    In Québec, so many statues are now gone from our churches. It happened with Pope John XX111. I'm sorry in many ways. They were not necessarily great artworks but they gave a distinctive look to each church. Couleur locale...A bit like what you are showing here.


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