06 April 2008

No time...

... to blog. A tray full of almond croissants will be coming out of the oven in about 5 minutes. The blanquette, which we had for dinner last night, was excellent.

About that recipe: I have two copies, two separate editions, of the cookbook (Cuisine pour toute l'année by Monique Maine) that the recipe comes from. When I went to scan the recipe for the blog topic, I pulled out the old edition (1969, I believe). This morning I checked the newer edition (ca. 1980) and lo and behold, the wine no longer just sits on the kitchen counter to keep the cook company. It actually gets poured into the pot with the water, veal, carrots, and onion.

We spent an hour or more with Patricia Denis at the Domaine de la Renaudière yesterday afternoon talking about the wine, the winery, and the village. It was a really interesting tour and tasting, and I hope I'll find time to write about it later today or tomorrow, before my 59-year-old memory lets all the details of it slip into oblivion.

Today, asparagus-and-ham pie for dinner. More later about that and other activities.

While I'm thinking about it — I had to look it up — the name of the restaurant at CDG airport that I mentioned and like is the Bistrot Fontaine des Halles. It's between terminals 2A and 2C. It's a pretty standard bistrot, and remember that I like the standard French food and cooking a lot. Don't expect Paul Bocuse or Alain Ducasse to appear at your table.


  1. Hi Ken,
    Thanks for providing the name of the CDG restaurant. I noted it. Knowing that it's there makes CDG a slightly less forbidding place.

  2. My thought exactly! Thanks, Ken.


  3. C&J are the luckiest people in the world!


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