01 April 2008

Nice sunset

We had a beautiful sunset Sunday night to end our first day on heure d'été, daylight time. Then it rained most of the day yesterday, but with another nice sunny period late in the afternoon.

View from a bedroom window.
Want to play "Identify That Tree"?

The sun sets after 8:00 now. I took three of these pictures out of the bedroom and then the bathroom window before I finally felt like I had to go out to the back gate and take a few more.

The leafless linden or tilleul in silhouette

As our friend Evelyn pointed out in a comment a few weeks ago, we are very lucky to live in a house where we can see both the sunrise and the sunset.

Looking through the branches of the linden tree in the back yard

Yesterday morning, on my way to the supermarket, I stopped by to see our neighbors Patricia and Bruno at their winery, Le Domaine de la Renaudie. Friends of ours from California will arrive this Friday for a short visit, and one of the things we plan to do is go to the winery Saturday afternoon for a tasting. I made an appointment for 5:00.

The view looking out from the back gate

I had asked Bruno earlier if he knew anybody who had firewood for sale and who would deliver it this summer. Yesterday he told me he has found somebody and that we are going to be able to make a deal. It seems the father of friends of Bruno and Patricia recently passed away, leaving a lot of firewood that his children can't use. It's wood that has been aged for two or three years and will be ready to burn next winter. That's perfect.


  1. Wow, those are some amazing pictures! (Too bad those clouds probably mean it'll rain today!)

  2. I would say that given your record so far it's bound to be some sort of cedar. :-))

  3. That linden tree looks like it's on fire! All we get here is grey, grey and more grey! :(

  4. Claudia in Toronto02 April, 2008 01:01

    Amazing sky and beautiful trees. I love your photos!

    We're grey in Toronto like Claude in Paris. Powerful, powerful wind (78 Km/hr) and flooding, of course. All that snow has to melt; nowhere to go...

  5. As you say over on our blog that mystery tree #3 was a Christmas tree, I think the chances are that it is a Norway Spruce Picea abies subsp abies.


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