23 April 2008

Second Chambord wedding

It was a really nice Saturday afternoon in Chambord. We saw one newly-wed couple walk by (pictures yesterday) and then we saw a big wedding party posing for a photographer.

Dites « ouistiti » !

Doesn't it look like this group was posing especially for me? I don't know if they all saw me and looked my way, or if they were in fact smiling for the professional photographer. If so, where was the photographer standing? I remember seeing him at one point, but you'd think he would have been in my picture.

These must be the mothers and mothers-in-law. Don't you wonder who the red-headed guy holding the little girl is and why he's in this picture?

I assume the happy couple had just been united in holy wedlock in the little church that is on the grounds at Chambord. They were having their pictures taken just outside its front door.

Guarding the entrance to the church

The woman in blue was standing at the church door and waving people away if they showed signs of wanting to go inside. Another service, maybe another wedding, was in progress.

The château de Chambord

Speaking of those pointy shoes, they must really be in style for men these days. Look at the ones on the groom and on the guy dressed in black in the picture below.

Shoes for stepping on cockroaches that have run into corners to hide


  1. To me, these old ladies look more like the grand-mothers-in-law.

  2. Those shoes caught my eye yesterday, as did the groom's whole sharp outfit. I wondered if these shoes were in style, and now I believe they must be (two guys make it a trend, right?) Now I need to look at the maid/matron of honor's outfit more closely. I don't believe I'll be wearing this kind of thing anytime soon, but you never know.

  3. CHM, you are surely right, as usual. I saw those ladies and thought they looked old enough to be my mother. Problem is, I often forget that I am nearly 60, and no longer 30 like the people getting married at Chambord. It makes a difference.

  4. Weddings are always so interesting to watch. Imagine, those people are seen all around the world today.

    The star really is Chambord. It's magnificent. Victor Hugo said, "L'admirable bizarrerie de ce palais de fées et de chevaliers."

  5. the leggings on the maid of honor are mind boggling also. altho i am a fan of the universally loathed garment, and wear them as frequently as i can, i probably wouldn't wear them to carry somebody's train.
    on the other hand, you never know.


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