20 April 2008

Say "cheese"

Have some cheese. We went to the outdoor market in Saint-Aignan yesterday morning and stood in line at the cheese vendor's stand to get some nice fromages for lunch.

Cheeses from the market

Clockwise from the top, these are:
  1. tomme de Savoie (in the Alps)
  2. camembert de Normandie
  3. chèvre de Mareuil-sur-Cher (near Saint-Aignan)
  4. ossau iraty du pays Basque (SW France)
  5. pur brebis de Corse (Corsica)
It's a kind of Tour de France of cheeses, and all of them are delicious. Nos. 1 and 2 are made from cow's milk. No. 3 is made from goat's milk. Nos. 4 and 5 are ewe's milk cheeses.

In the afternoon we took a drive up through the Sologne to Chambord, stopping along the way in the village called Fontaines-en-Sologne to look around in the church there. A lot of the pews in the church have little plaques, reserving them, I guess from the people who usually occupy them. I liked this one:

Plaque on a pew in a church in Sologne

I bet a lot of people would like to have that name.

News on France Inter radio this morning: President Sarkozy's approval rating as fallen to 36%, the lowest score for a French president since the 1950s, when de Gaulle came in and set up the Fifth Republic. Nicolas Sarkozy has been in office less than a year, and the least you can say is that he hasn't gotten off to a strong start.


  1. I don't know if I'd like a name like that- but it sure seems funny. I think assigned pews in churches happen, but I've never seen pews with nameplates before.

    Your cheeses looked so good, thanks for telling us what each one was.

  2. Claudia in Toronto21 April, 2008 06:17

    Nice lunch, avec une baguette. Never tried goat cheese yet. I don't know if we have ewe's milk. I'll check.

    I would feel very constrained with such a name...

  3. Miam-miam...j'aime bien le fromage.


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