24 April 2008

Romorantin? Not sure I know it...

Romorantin is on the banks of the
Sauldre River in Sologne

Chris P. and I were driving up to Chambord Saturday when we realized we needed to consult the Michelin road atlas. Chris opened it up and found the right page. "Look, there's a big town I've never even heard of before — Romorantin," she said. I imagine a lot of people reading this have never heard of it before either.

A country lane near the Cher River
between Romo and Saint-Aignan

And that was as good a reason as any to go there a day or two later. Monday afternoon the weather was fairly clear, so we set out after lunch. Romorantin is about 35 km/22 mi. from Saint-Aignan. With 19,000 inhabitants, it's the third-largest town in our département, the Loir-et-Cher. The town's official name is a mouthful: Romorantin-Lanthenay.

Romo and Lanthenay merged in the early 1960s
to form a single administrative unit

The town's unofficial name, which everybody here around Saint-Aignan uses, is Romo. When you drive around the Sologne, you see many road signs directing you to the town of Romorantin. That's why I say that in the Sologne, "all roads lead to Romo." Ha ha ha.

A restaurant in Romo

More tomorrow...


  1. The top two photos are gorgeous. Spring is here! Spring is here! Everything has gone lime green! But it is still raining :-(

  2. That is pretty bad. Fun, but bad (he said with a smile).

  3. Ooooo! I can't wait to read more about Romorantin. We are renting a house near there this summer. I've been worried that all our day trips will involve long car drives so I'm excited to read about something close to where we are staying!

  4. So that's where it is! I've used the photo of the old bicycle rider on that road as my wallpaper. Now, I have the chateau de Chemery and think of our wonderful visit with you guys every time I log on.

  5. Ok, this may be post 2... Is it me or is it blogger?
    Romo and J... happy memories!

  6. Yes, Ch, happy memories. I will call J. soon to set a date for seeing her in Tours in May.

    Susan, that tree-lined lane is between the village of Meusnes and the town of Selles-sur-Cher, and it leads to the Château de Quinçay winery.


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